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May 1, 2018 3:01 PM
Cheryl Avena

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Adult open play nights- July 24th and July 27th 6:30-8:30pm (These 2 nights allow individual players a chance to join a team, form a team or for any team to condition before the season starts) All are welcome.

Season open date- July 30th (practices begin on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays at 7:00pm)

Season close date- November 3rd (tournament)

Games begin on August 7th and will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights (times depend on number of teams signed up for each division) Teams will not have to play on both nights each week. It will be one or the other.

practices will be offered once or twice a week depending on a team's preference.

All games and practices will be held at Dublin park unless we exceed team count in which we would additionally use the schools.

You may join as an individual or as a pre-formed team.

FEES: After much consideration and and research into what other external city leagues are offering, we have decided to stay within those means and reduce the fee back down to the $75.00 per player that we charged in the spring. With this however please understand that while we have League insurance, the player must assume responsibilty for medical insurance and any injury incurred during play other then that caused by equipment failure or facility maintenance. A waiver must be signed before play begins. We will keep with the $5.00 per player discount for pre-formed teams.

Teams will have a minimum of 8 players and may have up to 12. (You May of course have more then 12 however it is not encouraged)

On game days, a team must have a minimum of 5 players present or they must forfeit the match. A non-registered friend, relative, or co-worker may not fill-in in the absence of players. Only registered players will be head counted.

First Referee and Second Referee will be provided by the League by a contract with paid officials. Line Judge and score keeper will be the responsibility of the teams playing. A volunteer schedule will be posted along with game schedule during the first week of practices. Score Keepers and line judges may be family members, friends, players, or spectators however they MUST be 18 or older. Children MAY NOT touch the score keepers materials nor line judge.


The fall will be a competitve season therefore we will be splitting the adult teams up into 2 divisions. We will have division A Which is for high performance teams and a division B for recreation level teams. This allows a balance in the level of play and competition between teams. When registering, a team or individual may specify which division they would like to be placed. Both divisions will receive a post season tournament which will be held at Bob Jones High School on November 3rd.
Team make up: Since we are co-ed league. Each team must have at least 2 females, One of which is present each week for games.


I firmly believe and agree that success of an adult league relies on flexibility. We will work with all teams on various levels and issues. This includes multi-league play. What we mean with this is that if you register with a long running outside league in another city, we will work with scheduling your games opposite their game days, allowing you to participate in both. When a time comes to play a team that can only play on a Tuesday and you can only play on a Thursday, we will accomodate that as well with optional play days. We want you to have the maximum positive experience therefore if you need assistance with scheduling or flexibility, we are here for you 100%.

Jerseys will be the same as the spring except this fall, we will add the team names on the back!

We have added a new member to our board. Dylan Reutter is in charge of adult recreation sports for the City of Madison Parks and Recreation. He has been named the adult coordinator for our league to give the adult division a more comprehensive and slight separation from the youth division. When emailing or contacting the league for more information about adult play please see both Dylan and myself. Our emails are:,

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